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Moving is already a chore, moving long distance only adds more hassle to your already long list. That’s because a long-distance move requires more thought, more organization and more paperwork than a move to the other side of town. Especially if you’re moving to a different state, renewing your personal information like your driver’s license and ID can be such a headache. But once the busy move is over, you’ll hopefully be able to settle and enjoy the weather, culture and scenery your new home offers.

Suncoast Auto Transport is located in Port Saint Lucie, meaning we’re in the best spot to help you in your move to or from the Sunshine State and any other state in the nation. In particularly, we help make your move easier by taking care of moving your car to your new home. That way you have the option of buying a plane ticket so you can easily fly to your new location. There are many reasons why moving your car with auto transport is easier and more cost effective than driving it down. Not only will you save on gas and accommodation bookings, you won’t have to worry about flat tires, adding mileage or the exhausting trip to drive your car all the way.

Once you start to plan your long-distance move, you’ll soon see the benefit of shipping your car instead of driving it, but there are many other things to consider during your more to make the transition and easy one for you and your family.

Planning Your Long-distance Move

To start planning your long-distance move, there are a few basic things you should know. These things will help you plan your move better so that everything can simply fall into place once you arrive at your new home. Of course you don’t want to spend the first few months it your new home trying to sort out unforeseen problems. That’s why you have to prevent certain problems from popping up to begin with. Here are some basics to keep in mind with your move.

Get to know your new space

Before you move, you should know exactly what your new space will look like. When you’re just moving to another house in the same town, this isn’t usually a problem – you’ve probably seen your new place, so you know exactly what you’re working with. Long-Distance moves, however, aren’t as simple. You might be moving to a place you’ve never even seen.

To make the move easier, you should know exactly what rooms your new home will have, as well as the measurements of each room. If you’re renting, ask the landlord or real estate agents to send you all the measurements with as many pictures as possible. You could also ask for the floor plan of your new home. While getting the floor plan might not be possible, but it would help you to plan exactly where you’ll put all of your furniture once you get in your new home.

To plan where you’ll put your furniture, you can measure all of your pieces with a measuring tape. Draw the floor plan on a piece of paper, making sure everything is proportionately in scale. On a separate piece of paper, draw rectangles that represent you furniture pieces, these should also be proportionately in scale with your floor plan. Write the name of each piece in its rectangle (like “Bedroom wardrobe” or “Dining room table”). After this, cut out the rectangles and arrange them on your floor plan to get a realistic sense of the space you have.

You’ll soon see that spaces can be deceptive. You’ll likely find places where you thought you had a lot of space, but they can’t take a lot of furniture, as well as spaces that seemed small that could take surprisingly more that you thought.

Only Move Things You Really Want

Start planning your move well in advance. Don’t procrastinate sorting through your things. If you putt off sorting through your things before a big move, you’ll end up throwing everything into boxes at the last minute.

To make your move easier, you should go through all your stuff and throw away or donate the things you don’t want anymore. Not only will you need less boxes to pack your stuff, using less space in a moving truck could save you some money.

When going through your things, you have to be realistic about what you’ll take with you and what you’ll get rid of. Remember, the less things you have to move, there more money you’ll save. Things that you should get rid of include old clothes and toys that your kids have outgrown, clothing that you never wear and potted plants.

If you have extra household supplies, like pet food, kitty litter, toilet paper, cleaning products or foods like rice, pasta and canned foods in your home, consider donating them instead of packing everything. Only keep enough so you’ll have everything you need at your new home the first week or two after you’ve moved.

If there are any furniture pieces you won’t be able to fit in your new home, getting rid of them before you move will save you time, money and hassle. After all, what’s the point of paying to have a piece moved only to sell it once you arrive at your new place? Selling it before you move will save you money.

We hope you move goes down smoothly and that your new home will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

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