Audi Cars Can Now Tell Their Drivers When Traffic Lights Will Turn Green

There are new advances every day in the technology for automated cars. Everything comes in baby steps to the public; you wouldn’t want to release something that wasn’t fully tested. The next baby step in self-driving cars seems to be traffic light prediction.

Serious consequences often result from this behavior–traffic deaths are soaring for the second consecutive year after a long decline. But often, this rampant cellphone use brings more mundane annoyances. Spend five minutes driving in any direction, and you’re sure to come across more than one motorist paying rapt attention to the device in his or her hands instead of the road ahead. Nowhere is this more infuriating than at traffic lights, when a text-obsessed motorist sits, oblivious to a green light, and foments a backup of surly fellow drivers. In certain Audi vehicles, this is no longer a problem, with the introduction of new “time to green” technology.
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