How to Find A Legit Auto Transport Company


There are many organizations that ship autos inside the USA. Simply do a Google inquiry and you’ll see a plenty of auto transportation organizations. While the Google/Yahoo/Bing listing items show auto transport organizations, a large number of the are basically lead generation organizations. These lead generation organizations offer 5-10 fast quotes. They say things like, “Let the organizations battle about your business.” While that sounds awesome to a man who has never dispatched an auto, one must be cautious in light of the fact that in the auto shipping industry, least expensive is not generally the best. On the off chance that you wind up paying excessively cheap, you chance the dilemma that your auto will be delivered late.

In the end the vehicle truck drivers do the delivery. ALL of them work as temporary workers and they need to profit. Figuring in rising gas costs, the transport truck drivers normally only pick up cars that make financial sense to them.

So we should get into why many individuals have awful encounters when transporting an auto. Google’s list items for “auto shipping organizations”. You will see that half of the outcomes aren’t even auto shipping organizations! Rather what you find are lead generation organizations.

Typical auto transport organizations are about the client. Be that as it may, lead generation organizations couldn’t think less about giving great customer service since they aren’t the ones who are in charge of taking care of your request. Rather what happens is your data is sold (and often resold) to different organizations. Lead generation organizations guarantee they will give you 10 quick auto transport quotes from the most professional, reliable and affordable auto shippers in the nation.

Your information is sold 10 times at a cost of about $10 each. So for every quote request the lead company gets, they make about $100. If you submit your email, expect 10 emails. If you submit you phone number, expect to be bothered. Why you ask? Well, 10 under capitalized auto shipping companies (real ones, not lead generation ones) have to lower their prices so far just to gain your business. This sounds great to the customer, but wait a minute… WAIT a darn minute. The transport truck drivers are the ones who need to make money because, as mentioned before, they are almost all independent contractors who only work for themselves.

There are 10 authorized merchants. As a result, just 1 out of the 10 “may” get the business if their cost is sufficiently low. If the price is too low, then your car’s shipment will be at the mercy of an auto transport driver’s willingness to “help you out”.

In conclusion:

Find a REAL company that has an office and staff. Avoid using lead generation companies. They are fairly easy to spot out once you know what to look for like “Get 5 quotes”.

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