How Much Will It Cost to Ship My Car


You might have heard that auto shipping can often be cheaper than driving long distances. But how much does it actually cost to ship your car?

The truth is that the cost of auto shipping can vary on a number of different things. Knowing what factors will influence the final price you pay can help a lot. If you know how to go about getting some discount, you’ll be able to get reliable auto shipping for less. But if you don’t know the industry, you might fall victim to dishonest quotes from unreliable companies.

That’s why you, as a consumer, should know what to expect whenever you want to ship a car.

Auto Shipping Costs

The best way to know what auto shipping will cost you, is to do some online research and get a few quotes from a few different companies. These quotes will be based on your car model and the distance you’re planning to ship your car, so they ought to be reasonably accurate.

Generally though, car shipping can cost between anywhere $0.46-$1.54 per mile. Factors that influence the cost per mile include:

  • Distance: The further you’re shipping your car, the less a mile will cost you.
  • Weight: Heavier cars cost more to ship because they have extra weight.
  • The auto shipper: Some auto shipping companies will just charge somewhat more than others. While you should avoid working with companies that overcharge by a large amount, small price differences are normal.

Besides the above mentioned things, there are other factors that can influence the price you pay for auto shipping. Here are some other things that can affect the cost of car shipping:

  • Insurance: You should only work with car shipping companies that will insure your vehicle. If your car is damaged during shipping, the auto transport company’s insurance should then cover the damages. However, if you’re given a form to fill in by an auto transport company, take a look at what kinds of insurance you’re paying for and only tick the boxes you think are most relevant. Just remember, insurance probably isn’t the best place to save on your car shipping.
  • Season: Auto transporters are more busy during certain times of the year. Most companies are especially busy during the summer months. When demand for auto shipping services increases, the price goes up accordingly. What this means is that you should be able to score some reasonably good savings by shipping your car in the winter whenever possible.
  • Delivery location: Many people take advantage of the convenience of having their car delivered straight to their door. But having your car shipped and delivered to a terminal rather than your house will be significantly cheaper.

All of these things will have an effect on the price you pay. So always pay close attention and learn more about what exactly you’re paying for when shipping your car.

While you’re shopping around for quotes, just keep in mind: a quote is something you should not pay for. Companies that don’t give free quotes aren’t worth your effort. Perhaps these companies hope you’ll think that all auto shippers charge for quotes, and so they hope to pressure you into choosing them by having you believe shopping for quotes will be expensive. But shopping for quotes should be free, so don’t waste your time with a company that expects you to pay for them.

Avoiding Auto Shipping Scams

There are a lot of scams in the auto shipping world. Unfortunately, many auto shippers aren’t concerned about your needs. Many of these scammers promise you some kind of discount based on things that can’t realistically be true.

Here are a few common auto shipping scams to avoid if you want to get the most out of your auto shipping:

  • Incredibly low quotes: If an auto shipper quotes you significantly less than all the others, you’re likely dealing with a scammer. Prices that seem too good to be true usually are. It costs money to hire a truck to move your car. There are many expenses in car shipping, like fuel for the carrier truck, and insurance for your car. If a quote is very low, that money won’t even cover expenses, not to mention the company’s profit. Businesses operate to make money, so be suspicious of anyone who seems more concerned about offering you low prices than making money off the deal as well. These companies don’t work for nothing any more than the ones who quoted normal prices.
  • Early deposits for discounts: Some auto shippers might try to pressure you into an agreement by telling you there’s some kind of temporary discount you can take advantage of. In these cases, they might tell you there’s a truck waiting for your vehicle and that you should make a deposit to secure your space on the carrier. It’s usually a lie. Don’t allow auto transport companies to pressure you into paying upfront fees. Usually this is just a way to get money out of you without having to do something to earn it.
  • Free work: Some companies might try to convince you that they don’t charge anything for their services. In these cases, you’ll be lead to believe you only have to pay for the carrier, and not for the auto shipping company’s service as well.

To get the best deal on your auto shipping, it’s always best to work with a company you trust. Read online reviews and learn more about a company before allowing them to collect your car.

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