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Classic Car Guide: Buying & Shipping


Classic auto gathering and renovation is a prevalent interest shared by people all over the United States, and even the whole the world. Individuals adore exemplary and antique vehicles for various reasons. They may consider it to be a venture opportunity, an opportunity to remember adolescence recollections, or the ideal time to experience their deep rooted dream.

Numerous people purchase a classic auto, since it displays a chance to invest and exchange for a larger sum. In the event that you are a workman or know a ton about autos, it can be the ideal past time for you. The choice to buy a classic auto can be an enthusiastic one. You can be driven by the want to possess the model you cherished as a tyke or the auto your father drove. Whatever your motivation to buy a classic vehicle, we are here to help direct you.

Tips: Buying A Classic Car

Acquiring a classic auto is energizing, yet there are a few things to consider before settling on the auto you need to bring home. There is a considerable measure that goes into obtaining an auto, old or new. You should settle on the model you like best, seek nearby postings or online classifieds, and transport the vehicle back home. We have amassed a rundown of tips to help you in settling on an educated choice.

Do Research

Make a wish list of features you need in your classic auto, for example, the coveted color, motor, body style, and inside trim. Ask yourself which of the features you completely require. You may have a thought of the classic vehicle you need, yet this will help limit the decisions. Research the positives and negatives of each model you are giving thought to. Read as much as you can on the autos you like. Read purchaser’s aides or approach individuals in proprietor’s clubs for exhortation on acquiring a specific model. See whether one model is inclined to specific issues.

Contact the dealer.

Regardless of whether you are taking a gander at an auto from a merchant or private dealer, call first. A telephone call could spare you time going to take a gander at an auto that may not be the best fit for you. You may discover that your fantasy auto isn’t the correct auto for you. Orchestrate an opportunity to take a gander at the vehicle. Direct a visual review to search for indications of rust or poor rebuilding occupations. Test drive the auto. You never know how you will feel in the driver’s seat.

Get the best Deal

When you are prepared to give an offer with the merchant or proprietor, to make sure to be pleasant. On the off chance that the vehicle has any undeniable issues, talk about your discoveries with the proprietor. You can utilize these to help negotiate to get the best cost. Make an informed offer by knowing the auto’s esteem, first.

Transportation Your Classic Car

Classic autos are not simply one more auto. To their proprietors, they hold awesome nostalgic esteem and significance.

Suncoast Auto Transport is able to offer auto transport administrations for a wide range of vehicles, including classic autos. We transport vehicles the whole way across the United States. We offer encased auto transport administrations, as well as the standard open auto transport technique. An encased carrier gives included assurance by shielding the vehicle from the climate and street components.

Classic Car Transport to the Fair


Classic cars have a certain elegance and grace about them. The nostalgia they fill us with makes us long back to aspects of the vintage era they come from. If you have a classic car yourself, there’s no doubt that it has sentimental value to you. There’s also a good chance that you spend a lot of time and money preparing your car for shows and fairs, all just to share the joy it brings you with other people.

But there’s no joy in worrying about transporting a classic car from where you live to a show. After all the effort you put in, you’ll want your car to arrive at the other side in tiptop shape. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about getting your classic vehicle ready for a show.

Cleaning Your Classic Car

Cleanliness is a very important part of preparing your car for a show or fair. In classic car competitions, judges will often use cleanliness as one of the metrics to judge vehicles. Because of how much judges value a car that sparkles, you have to assure that your car stands out from all the rest in this aspect. For the best results, your car has to be clean both inside and out, and you have to clean even in places where people won’t normally look, such as the engine.

The key to getting good results when cleaning your classic car is to be careful. Yes, you want your car to be as clean as possible, but you should avoid using harmful detergents that can harm either the interior or exterior. The paint job on classic cars is often fragile, and so you should look to use only detergents that are safe for the car’s delicate exterior.

Keep Your Car in Good Condition

Preparing a classic car for a show or fair is only a fraction of what you have to do to keep it in good shape. The cleaning the car right before the show is a lot like a dressed rehearsal before a concert – by the time you get to that point, you’ve already put in months of work and dedication.

This is why you should aim to take good care of your classic car throughout the year. Doing so will save you a lot of headache in preparations right before the show.

The first thing you can do to take care of your car is to keep it clean. Once you’ve got your car all cleaned up and ready to go, keeping it clean for as long as possible will reduce the risk of you scratching the car while you clean it. Keeping our classic car clean will also help you spot potential problem areas, like rust and scratches sooner.

Furthermore, using seat covers and a car cover whenever the car is standing is a great way to protect the vehicle from dust and dirt. For shows, you’ll have to remove seat covers so the car looks as original as possible, but when the car isn’t at the show or fair, your first priority should be to protect the seats from stains and tears.

To keep your car’s engine running, you should take it out and drive a short distance at least once a month. If you’re very short on time and you can’t commit to even that, just let the engine run every now and then without driving the car anywhere.

Transporting Your Classic Car

Once you’ve put all the effort of preparing your car for a show, you want to ensure that it arrives there in a perfect condition. Your classic car has been preserved perfectly throughout many decades, the last thing you want to do is drive it all the way to a show.

But transporting a classic car isn’t a task you can entrust anybody with. After all the effort you put in to keep it clean, you don’t want it to be full of dust after transporting it.

To protect your classic car during transport, there are various things you can do:

  • Ask that your car be shipped on an enclosed carrier. This will protect your car from dust, dirt, rain and harsh sunlight while it’s being transported.
  • If you still don’t feel satisfied that enclosed shipping will offer enough protection, as the auto shipping company to use a car cover during shipment as well. It’s important to note, however, that the company won’t take responsibility for any of your personal belongings other than the car, so it’s best to use a cheaper car cover during shipment for in case it gets lost or torn.
  • Book your auto transport well in advance. Because enclosed auto carriers aren’t as common as open car carriers, you’ll be limited with dates on which you can ship your classic car. When transporting a classic car, booking even as much as two months in advance isn’t unheard of.
  • Plan ahead of time. Because you’ll be restricted with dates on which you can transport your classic car, you’ll have to plan around the date available for shipping. This means you might also have to book a place where your car can stay for the days or weeks leading up to the fair.

With the guidelines above, your car will certainly turn heads once it arrives at the show. If you would like to transport your classic car, feel free to get in touch with Suncoast Auto Transport and learn more about our current dates available for enclosed car shipping.

Rundown for Classic Car Transport


A Classic Car is a vehicle worth safeguarding as it has an interesting authentic value connected to it. Veteran and Vintage autos fall in the classification of Classic Car Transport. The proprietors of these autos take the most extreme care to shield them from any harm thus they pick their auto transport carefully. Here is the, plan for when the proprietors of Classic autos use for auto transport: