Why Auto Transport Reviews Are So Important


Reviews aren’t always the most interesting thing to read. Eventually it might even seem like one starts to fade into the other as you go through a seemingly endless list of opinions. But even though reviews don’t make for good entertainment to read, they’re a valuable source of information to help you make good buying decisions.

However, while most people will take a moment to go through reviews before choosing to buy a product or service, not everyone passes the courtesy forward to future customers by leaving their own reviews. And it’s not just future customers who will appreciate your review, most businesses value your feedback just as much, if not more, than their customers.

Auto Transport Reviews

This is definitely the case in the auto shipping industry. In the world of auto shipping, there are many businesses that don’t deliver to customers as promised. This leaves the good businesses in a bad position, where they have to compete with dishonest competition.

When you think about it, the scenario is hardly fair at all. Honest businesses shouldn’t be grouped in with businesses that don’t even deliver as promised. Not only is this bad for good auto shipping companies, it’s also bad for future customers, who will have to sieve through auto shipping companies blindly and hope for the best.

Luckily finding a reliable auto shipping company doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark – and what separates the good companies from the bad is online reviews.

Online reviews have changed the way customers think about transparency. Nowadays, customers expect to read reviews about everything from an auto shipping company to a dentist or Internet supplier. This is great news for good businesses, and a slap in the face for those who take advantage of their customers. With so many places for customers to leave their honest feedback (from social media to Google reviews or a site like Yelp) no business can run from the truth anymore. Potential customers are sure to find out what they’re dealing with if they search long and hard enough.

But unfortunately, not all customers are joining in on this simple practice that can revolutionize the way businesses operate. The more customers leave reviews for auto shipping businesses they work with, the more accurate representation those reviews would be of a company’s overall customer satisfaction rate.

For instance, most customers would rather choose to use an auto shipping company with 25 reviews and a 4 star rating, than one with two reviews and a five star rating. And the more reviews there are, the more potential customers will trust the final star rating. If an auto shipping company has 100 or more online reviews, most customers will trust the reviews enough to make a decision about the company based on that alone.

Why Your Auto Shipping Review Matters

When you leave a review for an auto shipping company, your contribution will help tremendously in conveying the truth about that business to future customers.

And the good news is that leaving a review doesn’t have to take long. It could be as simple as leaving a star rating on the company’s Facebook or Google reviews pages. While doing so won’t help future customers understand exactly what you liked or disliked about working with a company, it will definitely still contribute to the overall first impression.

However, the important thing about leaving reviews that paint a realistic picture of a business, is to leave both good or bad reviews depending on your experience. Too many people lean towards the negative, only leaving reviews when they weren’t satisfied. If too many people do this, it will have a negative effect on the trustworthiness of online reviews as a whole.

That’s why so many businesses kindly ask satisfied customers for feedback, because all too often, happy customers go their merry way without leaving an auto shipping review.

To make your voice count more, it’s good to leave both positive and negative reviews for businesses depending on your personal experience. That way you’ll be helping future customers see what business to work with, and not just which ones to avoid.

For instance, if you’ve had a bad experience with an auto shipping company in the past, and you tried a different one that lived up to your expectations, don’t just leave a bad review for the company that let you down. Go to the auto shipping company that delivered as promised and leave a positive rating. If everyone did this, online reviews would become the ultimate reflection of an auto shipper’s service quality.

Leave Your Review to Help Us Improve

At Suncoast Auto Transport, we strive to give you reliable car transport at competitive rates. We appreciate every review from our customers with suggestions of what we can do to improve our service. Good reviews make us happy, because we love to see how the work we put in helped to make your life easier.

But while good reviews are fun and rewarding to read, we also appreciate constructive feedback from our customers with suggestions on how we can improve our service. As long as you leave a review that clearly articulates your frustrations, while still conducting yourself in a professional, decent manner, we take even your negative feedback with gratitude. Just like people, no business is perfect, and feedback from our customers can help us work on problem areas that we wouldn’t otherwise have known about.

Have you made use of Suncoast Auto Transport’s services in the past? Then feel free to leave us a review. We look forward to hearing from you!

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