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Choosing an Auto Transporter


Auto transport can be a life-saver when you can’t drive a car a long distance, but you still need to move it. There are a surprising number of reasons why you might choose to ship your car. Some of the main reasons include keeping the mileage down and convenience.

However, if you choose the wrong auto shipping company, your attempt to save time and hassle might backfire. Unfortunately the auto shipping industry has built somewhat of a negative reputation. Many auto shippers have questionable customer service and poor business ethics in general.

Why Choosing a Good Auto Shipper Matters

Your experience shipping your car will depend mainly on finding a good auto shipper that takes your needs into consideration. The reason why you’re shipping your car, and the fact that you need it by a certain time, should matter to your auto shipper. But if you make use of a company that only aims to scam you out of more money, you won’t be saving yourself any effort by making use of a car shipping service.

Obviously, there’s no sense in wasting money on a service if you’re not getting what you paid for. If you paid to have your car delivered somewhere on a certain date for a specific price, you should get exactly what you agreed upon for the price you’re paying. You don’t want to pay more, but you also don’t want to pay the agreed upon price for poor service and a car that’s delivered late. For you to get the most out of auto shipping, everything should be in place.

Where to Find a Good Auto Shipper?

The easiest way to find anything nowadays is with a quick Google search. But just because a company came up in your search results, doesn’t mean you can trust them. There are a number of things you can look for when scanning through the information companies offer online.

One of the best places to learn more about any company you’re planning to work with, is to have a look at their website. So whenever you find companies through something like their Facebook page, be sure to have a look at their website, there should be a link to their website in the “about” section of their Facebook page. If you don’t see any links, try a Google search of the company name.

Alas, if nothing comes up after you did a search, it’s better to look elsewhere. Anyone can start a Facebook page and pretend to be an auto shipper, and they might even be a real auto shipping company for all you know. But the fact that this company isn’t willing to invest in a proper online presence should be somewhat alarming.

A website shows that the company is dedicated to providing you with information. And any company can easily set up a website for little to no money, so if they didn’t invest that time, it probably won’t be worth the bother.

What to Look For?

So, once you’ve done an online search and found some promising companies, there are a number of things to look at when making your final choice. The first thing is the amount of information a company provides on their website. Look for things like a business address, telephone number and email address.

Also have a look at the “About” pages on the companies’ websites, as these should describe exactly what kinds of vehicles the company ships and to where they ship. Not all auto shippers will ship to anywhere in the country, so a company that could’ve been wonderful otherwise might fall through the cracks once you know more about what they do.

Lastly, you’ll want to have a look at some online reviews before contacting a company. Remember, it’s okay if a company has both negative and positive reviews. Just read through them carefully to see if there are things that customers often complain about. The occasional complaint about a late delivery doesn’t mean the company is bad, especially not if they move thousands of cars annually. Circumstances beyond a company’s control can happen sometimes.

But how late were the cars in these cases? If uncontrollable circumstances causes a company to be late with your delivery, they should still do their best to get the car to you as soon as possible. Meaning a car that’s delivered a month or two late is simply unacceptable.

Another red light is if you see many complaints about the company charging customers more than they initially agreed upon when they go to collect their cars.

Contacting Auto Shippers

Once you’ve had a look and some auto shippers’ websites and you read through online reviews, you’ll want to reach out to some of the best companies and ask for a quote. Collect 5-10 quotes to get a realistic idea about what auto shipping should cost for you.

Be careful for quotes that are much higher or lower than average. Companies that quote too low often add extra fees you didn’t expect. In reality, they dishonestly use a lower-than-average quote to lure you in and get more money later. So it’s better to pay a higher price and know what to expect than to go for the cheapest company and cross your fingers they won’t overcharge you in the future.

Furthermore, all the quotes should be free. There’s no reason for any auto shipper to charge you for a quote. Why should you have to pay to know what a service will cost you? This is basic information you need to make the best choice, and trustworthy auto shippers respect that.

If you’re planning to ship a car, feel free to contact Suncoast Auto Transport for a quote on shipping your car and to learn more about working with auto shipping companies to move your vehicle.

The Most Effective Method to Choose an Auto Transport Company


We know that your auto is essential to you. It gives a method for transportation to you and your family. This is the motivation behind why picking an auto transport organization can be a long and challenging assignment. There is a broad measure of work that goes into picking the correct organization to send your vehicle. It requires a lot of research to guarantee that the business offers the administrations you require and has the best possible qualifications. Hunting down the best organization requires a ton of time and vitality. When you locate the correct one for you, you should put final trust into another person with one of your most prized belonging.

Since we know how much your auto means to you, we have amassed a rundown of features, qualities, and values that you ought to search for when hunting down an auto shipping organization. In addition, we have created a step-by-step process on searching for a business to ship your car. Lastly, we have put together a few reasons why National Dispatch is so great to show you how we compare! Before diving into your search, we recommend you review the list of common terms used in the auto transport industry to prepare you for some of the vocabulary you may come across.

10 Terms Used in the Auto Transport Industry

A vital initial phase in inquiring about any industry is understanding the language. In spite of the fact that you might be acquainted with a hefty portion of the terms already, a portion of the terms you may go over in your inquiry might be unfamiliar to you. Therefore, we have listed a few of the most commonly used terms in the car shipping industry.

Here are 10 basic terms utilized as a part of the auto shipping industry:

  • Auto Transport Company: This is the organization that you contract to dispatch your vehicle. They claim their own trucks, which you most likely have seen while driving down the interstate.
  • Auto Transport Broker: This is an organization that goes about as a go-between amongst you and the auto transport organization to facilitate how your vehicle will be transported.
  • Auto Transport Carrier: This is a particular truck expected to transport your auto from its pickup area to its goal. Contingent upon the organization, the auto transport transporter may include various levels, equipped for pulling eight vehicles or more.
  • Door-to-Door Service: This service includes the pickup and drop off of a vehicle from a client’s home.
  • Terminal-to-Terminal Service: For this sort of service, the driver transports the auto to a storeroom, where it will be kept until the client can come lift it up.
  • Encased Auto Transport: With this service, your auto will be sent in an encased auto carrier. This shields your auto from earth, clean, grime, and components of the street.
  • Open Auto Transport: This is the most well known type of auto delivery. In open auto transport, your auto will be transported in an open carrier.
  • Co-Loading: This alludes to stacking more than one auto on an auto shipping transporter at one time.
  • Diversion: This is the term used to describe when there is a change in the route. A change in the route could be due to weather conditions or other hazardous road conditions.
  • Bill of Lading: This is a legal document between you and the car shipping company, outlining the shipping arrangement. The document summarizes the vehicle being shipped, as well as the destination it is being transported to.

These are just a few of the terms that you may see when you are looking for an car shipping company. By reviewing this list, our hope is that your search will go much smoother. Now that you have gained some more knowledge of the industry, let’s check out what exactly you should be looking for in a car transport company.

What Should You Look for in an Auto Transport Company?

It is not about the item, or for this situation, the service, that the business is offering. Rather, it is about how they are pitching that support of the general population. Each auto shipping organization in the business is offering a similar general administration, so it is significant to pick up a more profound comprehension into the organization’s image.

Here is a rundown of a couple components to search for in an auto transport organization:

Concentrate on quality over amount. Never construct your supposition exclusively with respect to cost. Have you at any point heard the expression, “You get what you pay for”? All things considered, it is the same in the vehicle transport industry. Rather than searching for the least expensive choice, search for the organization that offers quality services at a value that you can bear.

Search for an organization that addresses your issues. Limit your decisions by barring organizations that don’t offer the services that you require. These services may incorporate terminal-to-terminal service, door-to-door service, open auto transport, or encased auto transport.

Check for proper registration. All car shipping companies are required to be registered through the United States Department of Transportation. Check to see that each transport company you are considering has MC and US-DOT numbers. You can do a quick Google search with the company’s name to retrieve this information.

Ensure that the business is credible and trustworthy. Go to the company’s website. Check to see if there are any obvious spelling errors or grammatical mistakes on their homepage. Dig a little deeper. Is it a company that you would want to work with? Is it a company that you can trust with your vehicle?

Searching for a car transport service can be stressful if you do not know what to look for. Focus on your needs. What can the company offer you, in terms of quality of service and types of service? How does the company portray their brand?

After the company passes this initial screening, you can begin to request quotes, speak with representatives, and ask questions. Let’s see how to go about these next steps in the search process.

The most effective method to Narrow down your Search

After you have picked your top organizations, the time has come to begin narrowing down the decisions to the one that will dispatch your auto. It might seem, by all accounts, to be a broad, overwhelming procedure, however with our well ordered guide, it ought to comfort your psyche.

Here is a rundown of ventures to help manage you in narrowing down your hunt:

Ask for a quote. Discover an organization you are occupied with, go to the organization’s site, and round out a commitment free quote. You ought not put your own data into a cluster of different quote number crunchers, unless you are not kidding about the organization. Additionally, you may get visit messages or telephone calls from the organization in the event that you put in this kind of data. By and by, don’t concentrate exclusively on cost. In any case, it is decent to have this data before you when settling on an organization.

Explore the organizations you are thinking about. You did some examination as of now when at first searching for an auto shipping service. You concentrated predominantly on the organization’s site. Presently, read other individuals’ encounters, including the great, the awful, and the terrible. Look at the organization’s web-based social networking outlets and blog entries. Evaluating this substance will help you in finding the organization that fits you best.

Call and address an agent. You presumably have many inquiries with respect to the organization and transportation an auto, by and large. Although the website may feature a FAQ page, you may gain more from speaking to a representative with the company. Not only will you get your questions answered, but you will gain insight into what the staff is like. Are they willing to help their customers? Are they friendly?

Here are a couple questions you ought to consider inquiring:

  • How would you ensure nothing happens to my auto?
  • What services do you offer?
  • What amount is it to deliver my vehicle? (Completing a quote calculator will answer this question.)
  • How long will shipping take?

Settle on an auto shipping organization. Pick your top decision by contrasting everything that each organization offers regarding nature of administration, sorts of administration, believability, cost, and neighborliness of delegates. Subsequent to thinking about every one of these variables, the time has come to choose an auto transport organization.

After you have invested hours evaluating sites, asking for quotes, and addressing agents, you are likely prepared to settle on your choice. We might want to disclose to you what separates National Dispatch from different rivals in the business. We should investigate.

It’s Time to Ship Your Car

Now, you should be well-informed and ready to finally make an educated decision. It is time to choose the company you want to ship your car. Remember, choose a company, not only for the services that they offer, but because they are a company they you can trust with your vehicle.

Spring is in the Air


Now that the weather is warming up, snowbirds will start making their way back to their summer homes. But the journey back isn’t necessarily going to be an easy one. Going back to your summer home will require just as much planning as leaving for the winter did. Hopefully you took the necessary precautions to ensure your summer home will still be in good shape when you get there before you left, but now that you’re heading back, you’ll need a new checklist of things to make the move easier.

Taking Care of Your Winter Home

Before you left your home, you probably prepared it for the time you’d be gone. One of the best things you can do before you leave your winter home is to arrange with someone to take care of your property. Although you don’t need someone to check up on your place every day, it’s good if you have someone who can maintain your house and take care of any emergencies.

For safety’s sake, it’s also best if your house still looks like it occupied, even if it isn’t. This means that the person you left in charge should help you remove snow after storms so it appears as if everything at your place is still being maintained as usual. Your property manager should also collect your mail and any other packages dropped off at your property. By making your place appear as if there’s still someone there, you’re deterring burglars – who might see your absence as the perfect way to break in without the risk of being caught.

You’re also helping to keep strangers out of your mailbox, which could help if there are any mischievous kids in your neighborhood who might steal mail for fun.

Renting Out

If you have a reliable property manager, one of the smartest things you can do is to rent out your summer home during the winter while you’re gone. A website like Airbnb is perfect for this, as most tenants will only want to stay for a short amount of time. However, renting out your summer home will mean you can’t switch off the water, which will mean extra maintenance for your property manager, so be sure you can get enough guests while you’re gone to make it worthwhile.

Remember, your place might not look special to you, but if you live in a small town, there might be many people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city over the holiday season.

Arriving Home

Once you arrive back at your summer place, you’ll have plenty of work to do. You’ll have to go through your house and check that there isn’t any maintenance that you’ll need to tend to. Check that the pipes are in order, that all your lights still work and that there aren’t leaks in your roof. Also check the walls to see that there are no areas where paint is chipping off that appear wet.

If no one was staying in your house while you were gone, test your freezer and refrigerator before filling it up. Only put a few things into your fridge and freezer and leave it for a few hours or a day to see that it’s still good.

Once you know that everything is still functioning properly, you can go to work cleaning away and dust and other dirt that built up in places while you were gone.

Getting Back Home

Hopefully you know what you should have done to ensure your home is still in good shape once you get back. And hopefully your house will feel just like home again within almost no time after you get there, but before you can think about everything you’ll need to do once you get home, you first have to plan how you’ll get there.

By this time, you probably have a set time for your return. You can return to your summer place either by driving back, or by shipping or car.

If you ship your car, you’ll need to book a flight. Use a website like Skyscanner to help you find the best time to fly back. By comparing different dates, you can save a lot on flying. Often times, flights that are only a single day apart have a large price difference.

However, if you were planning to drive back, it’s advisable that you check the weather in advance. Although the likelihood is far less, you might still get stuck in a snowstorm driving back north during April. If the weather isn’t playing along, it will be best to have your car shipped and book a flight.

An while you won’t be able to know what the weather will look like a month from now, staying up to date with what’s currently happening can help you make an informed choice. If you see a lot of stormy weather on the way you’ll be driving, it might still be the same by the time you’re planning to head back.

Remember, driving the distance most snowbirds travel is a long and tedious task, not to mention the mile you’re putting on your vehicle. Don’t get your feathers in a bunch with the stress of getting your vehicle home, let Suncoast Auto Transport return your car for you.

Snowbirds: Tips to welcome you home!


Coming back from excursion is a conformity, much more so for seniors who spend the winter months in alternate atmospheres. When you get back, it’s not simply from another aera, it’s an entire other perspective. Here are a few tips that can help Snowbirds settle their quills as they rush back for the Spring.

Wash Away

When you return home, dump your excursion garments in the clothes washer. It’s the ideal typical approach to move from get-away to ordinary life. Once your summer-wear is spinning, reset your thermostat, pull on a sweater, and start taking stock.

Welcome Back to Winter

Snowbirds know the best thing about traveling south for the season is disregarding the ice and snow. Without an early warmth wave, in any case, you’ll likely experience a couple chips or bit of ice before Spring’s in full swing. Get reacquainted with the meteorologist. Dress for the climate. Liquefied, ice and snow can rapidly refreeze into hazardous conditions for drivers and people on foot alike. In the event that you do get hit with a late-Spring tempest or polar vortex, take after these tips to remind you how to remain safe out and about when it’s truly icy.


It’s energizing to see family and companions when you return, visit most loved places, and return to your causes and clubs. Despite the fact that there’s no place like home, settling in is both a perspective and body, so allow yourself to adapt upon your arrival. Take a couple days unwind before observing the grandkids or coming back to work or volunteering.

Come back to Normal

Most Snowbird timetables vary extraordinarily from life at home. Abstain from feeling lost or unsettled by taking control and making an arrangement for getting back ready. Before you attempt to handling that heap of mail or empty ice chest, composing and organizing a schedule will help you feel more in charge and less overpowered.

Settle a Meal Plan

It’s enticing to request takeout when confronted with a chilly stove and a void refrigerator, however it’s ideal to get on the correct path quickly. Make a dinner arrangement (before setting off to the market). Colder climate and less movement can change your craving and make you more slanted to nibble. An arrangement will guarantee you eat ideal, as well as on time, and have a lot of sound munchies close by for desires.

Security First

Check or change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide finders. Actually, Spring is the ideal time to test anything that keeps running on batteries, for example, medicinal alarms, electric lamps, radios, timekeepers, and remote controls. A couple of hours in the wake of restarting hardware, feel all attachments and outlets for warmth; any radiating warmth ought to be checked by a circuit repairman.

Home Sweet and Clean Home

Dust accumulates whether you’re home or away, so a decent wipe down of all surfaces is an absolute necessity. Before turning on warmth or fans, vacuum vents to dispose of amassed tidy and flotsam and jetsam that could blow around and shake your sinuses and skin. Run spigots to clear dormant pipes and wipe down all sinks and tubs. Clean your dishwasher by running it discharge with a quarter measure of bleach. De-odorize your waste transfer by dropping in salt, ice cubes, and a cut-up lemon. Wipe plastic seals and edges with baking soda and a damp sponge.

Continue Moving

Wintering in hotter climate makes it less demanding to remain dynamic. Try not to lose that force when you return home, regardless of the possibility that it’s still icy out. Wrap up and go for a walk, or discover a place to practice inside. After a long get-away is likewise a decent time for your standard physical or to get any “little issues,” looked at.

Soak up the Sun

Daylight is the main reason Snowbirds rush South. Back home, don’t quit soaking up no less than a couple beams each day, regardless of the possibility that despite everything you need to wrap up to go outside. As it gets hotter, recollect to drink a lot of water and wear sunscreen.

Everything’s Riding on It

Regardless of whether it wintered with you in the South or stopped at home, Spring is the ideal opportunity for auto TLC. Sitting in the carport or reviling along the footpath both effect your vehicle, and even a little winter driving can be no picnic for your ride. Salt from the expressway or seashore oxidizes after some time in wheels and under chassis, creating rust. A decent wash is the initial step to preparing your auto for Spring. The second step is to put on the pressure. Temperature influences tire weight, so make a point to check your swelling against the prescribed level(s) for your vehicle (recorded on a label inside your entryway). You ought to do essential auto upkeep each three or four months in any case, so Spring is the ideal time to clean or supplant wiper sharp edges, get an oil change, check your brakes, liquid levels, arrangement as well as have your tires pivoted, analyze hoses and belts for splits, and check your treads (for points of interest, look at this realistic, Everything You Need to Know About Tire Safety), and inspect your outside for chips and rust spots.

Hidden Treasure

Clean under your seats. You’ll likely discover that lost earring or the cause of that funky smell. Even the cleanest vehicle will collect sand from the beach or green under the floor mats, capture crumbs and wrappers in crevices, or need a wipe down after the winter months. Keep it clean with this simple trick to make a garbage can out of a Tupperware, or if you frequently spill, try this trick, the cup holder sponge coaster. Pull out and clean your floor mats, vacuum or wet-vac the interior, and wipe down the entire interior, from dashboards to windows, for the perfect Spring shine.

Welcome back, Snowbirds! Or if you and your car are still in the South, consider shipping your car back rather than taking the risk of driving.

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New Year, New Car


Between the New Year and tax season, it’s car buying season. By allowing yourself to sear across the nation you vastly expand the likelihood of finding the perfect car. But when buying any secondhand car there are a number of things you should look out for. So, before you can start your long-distance search, it’s important to understand the advantages of buying secondhand, as well as the potential disadvantages and to avoid them.

Why Buy a Used Car?

Few things excite avid car enthusiasts like buying a brand new car. New cars even a distinct smell – and to car lovers, this smell is better than even the best French perfume. Unfortunately, buying a new car straight from the manufacturer has its disadvantages, especially when it to finances.

Sure, novelty of buying a new makes it seem exciting, but here are some reasons why used cars often make for a better investment:

  • Used cars cost less. If you wait just a year before buying a new car model you’ve been eyeing, you can pay up to 19% less for a car that’s basically still brand new.
  • Your car’s value won’t depreciate as fast. Cars cost about 19% less after one year, and you’d be the one losing that money if you bought new instead of used. The first time you drive your new car, its value will depreciate by approximately 11%. While used cars also lose value, it will be more gradual.
  • Avoid dealers. Sometimes you can buy a pretty good car from a private seller, this will further lower the price you pay for your car, as you won’t have to worry about added fees dealers might charge. But keep in mind that buying from a private seller can complicate paperwork somewhat.
  • Registration can be cheaper. In some states, your annual registration fees will be more expensive if your car model is newer.
  • Used cars can be just as good. Buying a used car might not feel like something to brag about, but being smart is definitely better than being ostentatious. If your used car can get you from point A to point B and you don’t need to sacrifice on luxury or fuel efficiency, what are you really missing? But new cars cost thousands of dollars more, and you’re sure to miss that.

Obviously, buying used is the thrifty way to go. So although used cars are better for any occasion, they’re especially better if you want to a low-budget option that will be reliable. This makes used cars perfect for when you’re buying a car for a teenage driver, as you can pick something with safety benefits without blowing the bank.

Used Car Checklist

Don’t buy a lemon! Buying a bad car might lose you all the money you saved by not buying new, so to make used car buying worthwhile, the car you buy should be in tiptop shape.

Here’s what buyers should look for when buying a used car:

  • Check that the width of spaces between panels are equal. If the spacing between panels vary from place to another, there’s a good chance the car was in an accident. When buying a car long-distance, asking for photos of all the spaces can help. If the seller has nothing to hide, the photos will be taken from good angles, allowing you to easily see whether they’re equal all over.
  • Avoid rust. While it can be difficult to spot rust on photos, a car is more likely to have rust if it comes from a city or town that’s right next to the coast.
  • Is the color consistent throughout all the panels? If one panel looks repainted, the car was almost definitely involved in an accident.
  • Ask for photos of the tires. If all the tires are worn about equally, the wheel alignment won’t cause problems, but look out if one if worn significantly more than the others.
  • Ask for photos of the engine. The engine should be clean, a dirty engine can be a sign that the car was neglected.
  • Ask for a video of the car idling. This will help you to hear of there are any strange noises coming from the engine.
  • Ask for photos of the interior. You want the interior to look clean, well-maintained and good as new.

Buying long-distance complicates things somewhat, but it’s completely possible to find a great car, even if you buy it from the opposite side of the country.

A great tip is to focus on car listings that already have a lot of photos. Also check that the information in the description fits the car on the photo. If the description says the car is blue, but the one in the photos is black, it’s either because the seller made a mistake, or the listing might be a bit sketchy.

Apart from the checking the specific car that you’re buying, it’s also good to check up on the make and make and model you want to buy. The US Department of Transportation has an online lookup tool where you can easily see if the car you want to buy has any recalled parts. If so, you’ll have to add that onto your list of things to consider when looking at a specific car you want to buy. Of course you can still buy a car with recalled parts, but you’ll need to check that the seller of the one you’re buying has replaced them.

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Driving on any sort of road can be a harrowing challenge on a regular old road trip. It’s easy to get preoccupied with dodging other bad drivers or pedestrians, but still, those scenarios get a little trickier when the roads themselves involve pretty beautiful scenery, but also pretty terrifying conditions.
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