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Making Your Move


Moving is already a chore, moving long distance only adds more hassle to your already long list. That’s because a long-distance move requires more thought, more organization and more paperwork than a move to the other side of town. Especially if you’re moving to a different state, renewing your personal information like your driver’s license and ID can be such a headache. But once the busy move is over, you’ll hopefully be able to settle and enjoy the weather, culture and scenery your new home offers.

Suncoast Auto Transport is located in Port Saint Lucie, meaning we’re in the best spot to help you in your move to or from the Sunshine State and any other state in the nation. In particularly, we help make your move easier by taking care of moving your car to your new home. That way you have the option of buying a plane ticket so you can easily fly to your new location. There are many reasons why moving your car with auto transport is easier and more cost effective than driving it down. Not only will you save on gas and accommodation bookings, you won’t have to worry about flat tires, adding mileage or the exhausting trip to drive your car all the way.

Once you start to plan your long-distance move, you’ll soon see the benefit of shipping your car instead of driving it, but there are many other things to consider during your more to make the transition and easy one for you and your family.

Planning Your Long-distance Move

To start planning your long-distance move, there are a few basic things you should know. These things will help you plan your move better so that everything can simply fall into place once you arrive at your new home. Of course you don’t want to spend the first few months it your new home trying to sort out unforeseen problems. That’s why you have to prevent certain problems from popping up to begin with. Here are some basics to keep in mind with your move.

Get to know your new space

Before you move, you should know exactly what your new space will look like. When you’re just moving to another house in the same town, this isn’t usually a problem – you’ve probably seen your new place, so you know exactly what you’re working with. Long-Distance moves, however, aren’t as simple. You might be moving to a place you’ve never even seen.

To make the move easier, you should know exactly what rooms your new home will have, as well as the measurements of each room. If you’re renting, ask the landlord or real estate agents to send you all the measurements with as many pictures as possible. You could also ask for the floor plan of your new home. While getting the floor plan might not be possible, but it would help you to plan exactly where you’ll put all of your furniture once you get in your new home.

To plan where you’ll put your furniture, you can measure all of your pieces with a measuring tape. Draw the floor plan on a piece of paper, making sure everything is proportionately in scale. On a separate piece of paper, draw rectangles that represent you furniture pieces, these should also be proportionately in scale with your floor plan. Write the name of each piece in its rectangle (like “Bedroom wardrobe” or “Dining room table”). After this, cut out the rectangles and arrange them on your floor plan to get a realistic sense of the space you have.

You’ll soon see that spaces can be deceptive. You’ll likely find places where you thought you had a lot of space, but they can’t take a lot of furniture, as well as spaces that seemed small that could take surprisingly more that you thought.

Only Move Things You Really Want

Start planning your move well in advance. Don’t procrastinate sorting through your things. If you putt off sorting through your things before a big move, you’ll end up throwing everything into boxes at the last minute.

To make your move easier, you should go through all your stuff and throw away or donate the things you don’t want anymore. Not only will you need less boxes to pack your stuff, using less space in a moving truck could save you some money.

When going through your things, you have to be realistic about what you’ll take with you and what you’ll get rid of. Remember, the less things you have to move, there more money you’ll save. Things that you should get rid of include old clothes and toys that your kids have outgrown, clothing that you never wear and potted plants.

If you have extra household supplies, like pet food, kitty litter, toilet paper, cleaning products or foods like rice, pasta and canned foods in your home, consider donating them instead of packing everything. Only keep enough so you’ll have everything you need at your new home the first week or two after you’ve moved.

If there are any furniture pieces you won’t be able to fit in your new home, getting rid of them before you move will save you time, money and hassle. After all, what’s the point of paying to have a piece moved only to sell it once you arrive at your new place? Selling it before you move will save you money.

We hope you move goes down smoothly and that your new home will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

3 Questions to Ask Your Car Shipping Company

Are you moving soon? Or for some other reason need car transport? How do you know who to choose? This post goes over things to ask your car shipper to make sure you’re choosing the best.

Choosing the right car shipping company can be a highly confusing and exasperating task, which is why we feel that it is important for you to know exactly what to ask them. This is going to help you in making a more informed decision when choosing from the various Abu Dhabi based car shipping companies.
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Should you ship your car in an open or enclosed carrier? Why should one be used over the other? Knowing all your options will help you make a fully informed decision, which is what your vehicle deserves.

Before you can make your decision it helps to understand the basic fundamentals behind each option, and what they mean to you. In this post we explore both types of auto transporters and explain what makes each of them unique. Read here to learn more.


Feel like you should pack your car full when you have it shipped? May as well right? You were going to load you car up to drive it, why not have it that way when you shipt it? Or maybe not.

One of the more common questions when it comes to shipping a vehicle is, “Can I put personal items in my car?” After all, you’re moving to another state, maybe even across the country and you have literally TONS of stuff to take with you.
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Should you get that shipping insurance when you ship your car? Do you really need it? This three part series helps you know why you need it or not.

As soon as your auto shipping company locates a carrier that’s running your route as close to your preferred pickup dates as possible you will be notified of the name of the car transport company and when their approximate pickup date will be.
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5 Steps to Getting Your Car Ready for Shipping

Are you unsure about everything you need to have done before shipping your car? This short list will help you get ready.

When you’re preparing your car for shipping, there are a number of things you should do to get it ready and ensure that the transport is smooth and easy. These tasks are relatively simple and don’t take much time, but they can really help the car shipping company when moving your car.
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Everything seems to have a season. Same is true with car shipping. When is the best time to ship your car without breaking the bank?

Car shipping isn’t only for those moving or selling vehicles. With the streamline access of the internet age, car shipping has never been quicker. This increased speed has allowed for all aspects of the Auto Shipping industry to pick up, and thus it is now easier and quicker to ship your vehicle.
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Enjoy Your Motorcycle in the Sunshine State This Winter


Winters in Florida and the southern states are delightfully mild. Lows are usually around 60 degrees, making it a perfect time to be outside and enjoy some sunshine. And what better way is there to take in the scenery while driving than on a motorcycle? But if you’re further up north, driving all the way down to Florida can be a little too cool and chilly to your liking. With motorcycle shipping you’ll be able to enjoy driving your motorcycle in sunshine weather without having to worry about the cold journey you’d have make to get to warmer weather.

?How to Ship Your Motorcycle

To ship your motorcycle, you’ll have to find a company that’s reliable to help you transport it. Choosing the right motorcycle shipper is essential is you want shipping to be stress-free and easy. Do your research to find the best motorcycle shipping company. Going with the first company you find could end up costing you dearly. When it comes to motorcycle shipping, not all companies are equal. There are a few things you should keep in mind during your search.

Does the Company Offer Free Quotes

Never trust a company if you can’t get a free quote from them. If you think about it, the idea of having to pay to find out how much a service will cost you is ridiculous. You don’t have to pay to find out what things in the shops will cost you, this information is readily available to help consumers make the best choice for themselves.

The same principle should count when you’re shopping for a service. You’re the consumer and the company should be making it as easy as possible for you to get a quote. That way the company can attract clients who can afford their services and you can easily know if their service will fit your budget. It’s a win-win situation. Some companies even offer free online estimates if you provide some information about the vehicle you want to ship. Of course, not having an online cost calculator doesn’t make a company bad, but it does make the process of getting quotes easier.

Is the Motorcycle Shipping Price Competitive?

Once you have a few quotes, you’ll know what most companies will charge for shipping your motorcycle. Don’t fall for the cheapest price, especially not if it’s unrealistically low. You need to know whether or not the company you’re planning to work with has insurance and whether or not their service is reliable.

For instance, if a company gave past clients certain pickup and drop-off dates, did they keep to the planned schedule, or are they regularly late? Misfortune can strike at any time, so even the best company could be a little late sometimes. But there’s a difference between a company that’s been late because circumstances were beyond their control and one that doesn’t prioritize delivering as promised. These are things you should learn more about before settling for a motorcycle shipping company.

To avoid problems during shipping you should aim to get the best company you can at the lowest reasonable price. Companies that quote substantially lower often end up charging extra for costs they claim were unforeseen. In reality, they dishonestly lure customers in with low quotes and end up charging them more later.

How Should I Prepare My Motorcycle for Shipping?

You don’t have to do anything in particular before shipping your bike. However, to ensure your bike doesn’t leak fluids while shipping, it’s best not to ship it with a full tank of gas. Not all auto shipping companies have the same rules about how you should prepare your motorcycle for shipping. Some might even ask you to drain all fluids, so this is something you’ll have to ask your shipping company about.

Regardless, your company will require a signature upon picking up and delivering your bike. To see to it that your bike wasn’t damaged during shipping, you should carefully inspect it and make a list of any scratches or other damage you see on the bike before the auto shippers come to pick it up. If you want, you could even take photos of different parts of your bike and all the scratches you see before handing it over to the shipping company.

This will help you determine whether or not damage you see after shipping was already there before. If you see new damage, your shipping company’s insurance should be willing to pay for it. Good companies almost never damage vehicles during shipping – damaging vehicles simply isn’t good for business. But as life tends to be, no company can give 100% guarantee that your motorcycle won’t be damaged while it’s being transported. This is exactly why reliable shipping companies must always have insurance.

But don’t dishonestly take advantage of your shipping company. Trying to claim for damage that was there before you got motorcycle transport is dishonest. Companies take out insurance to protect clients’ best interest in case of accidents while they have the motorcycle, not for any damage that your motorcycle has beforehand. This is why it’s important that you know what condition your bike is in before handing it over.

If you want to enjoy the lovely southern sun this winter, feel free to get in touch with us! We can transport your motorcycle, or any other vehicle you might want to use to enjoy the weather. We specialize in transporting motorcycles, boats, over-sized vehicles, and inoperable vehicles. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving for your dream job, or just for the season, we can help you safely and easily get all your vehicles to their final destination.

Car Wrapping for the Holidays


With the Holidays a few short weeks away, you are busy wrapping gifts for loved ones and making plans to visit everyone. When you have your car shipped, we have our own wrapping to do. The significance of car(go) “wrapping” may appear glaringly evident and even simple, however there is a great deal of care and experience included with regards to keeping such valuable cargo–your car–secure.

For transport, frequently the car is secured over and around the wheels

What’s more, this criticalness isn’t only for truckers and transporters; this year has additionally been a dynamic one for government wellbeing examinations concentrated on cargo security.

First class auto transport, from truck to trucker, comes together–securely–through a mix of learning, expertise, encounter, and now and again even fervor.

Maneuver carefully

Securing an automobile for transport is a particular expertise that includes a ton of information, experience, and diligent work. More than just basically going down to a stacking dock, car haulers must be hands-on practically consistently. At Shipping A Car we trust that the unique care for our customers’ vehicles will pay off in long haul.

After the car has been driven onto the trailer, the truck’s water driven inclines lift and tilt the car into ideal position. At that point the trucker gets the opportunity to work strapping it in with a progression of tiedown ratchets and wheel straps.

The trucker begins with no less than four tiedowns, two each at the front and back of the car, to keep it from moving by any means. Some of the time there are uncommon mounting focuses on the vehicle, yet frequently the car is secured by the chasses and over and around the wheels.

A car can move side-to-side, advances or in reverse, and even vertically–a carrier is one place you don’t need your car skipping or shaking! Immobilization is of most extreme significance, yet arrangement is vital to keeping each car flawless. That is the reason legitimate car shippers like Shipping A Car just work with experienced auto transporters who have outstandingly high administration and fulfillment appraisals.

Engine Carrier Mathematicians

Did you know car haulers need a really decent handle of material science? He or she needs to make sense of how the car(go) will be influenced by gravity when the truck backs off, rates up, and turns, and even the effect of the wind! Actually, the tiedowns must have the capacity to withstand compel equivalent to at least of 50% of the vehicle weight, which is the reason this employment is not only a labor of love.

Exceptional Securements

Car haulers have a great deal of experience giving extraordinary care and thought to every client and car. Each vehicle has its own delicate territories and stress focuses, however experienced auto transporters know exactly how and where to strap-in each vehicle size and shape.

On more established cars, for example, well known works of art from the 60s, the metal might be weaker or even in part rusted, so truckers know to abstain from putting any additional weight on those parts. For this situation, the trucker would utilize uncommon canvas straps to hold the car, and conceivably additional tire strapping.

For larger than usual and overweight burdens, for example, a M35A and MRAP military vehicles, suitable hardware must be sent to oblige and secure the additional size and weight. In these cases, chains can be utilized (because of the sturdiness of the vehicles), appended to the edge, and in addition more grounded and more extensive straps and bigger fasteners that can take the additional weight.

Work of Love

Shipping A Car has shipped vehicles of each size and shape possible. Presently you’ve seen not just how and why securement is so critical for auto transport, additionally a few cases of the ways Shipping A Car ensures each auto goes taking care of business.

It’s a major responsibility, however we’re not just available, we appreciate doing it. Our car haulers have done the diligent work of figuring out how to care for this extraordinary cargo since they cherish the experience, the cars, and the fulfillment of getting each vehicle securely home.

Six Apps You Desperately Need to Beat Traffic

Traffic is such a nuisance. By now traffic should be a thing of the past, and maybe it can be, for you at least. This article goes over which apps are best to help you avoid the biggest cause of road rage.

There’s nothing fun about playing in traffic. You likely learned that at a young age. The era of the smartphone has ushered in personal navigation assistance to lessen the burden of traffic jams, and it’s likely that the phone in your pocket is a better navigation system than the unit aging quietly in your car.
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