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Tips For A Successful Job Relocation


Tips For A Successful Job Relocation

Although relocating for a new job can be a very exciting time filled with a promise, it also tends to involve a lot of stress. Unfortunately adapting to your new city and home can be a bit grueling, even when your new job is the one you’ve always wanted.

However, if you’re relocating because you were offered a job that is very attractive to you, the last thing you want is to have what’s supposed to be a wonderful time in your life ruined by the stresses of relocating. Luckily, whatever the reason for your choice to relocate, there are many things you can do to make it a little easier.

Jerry Cane, an actuary who recently relocated from New York City to Nashville, shared his journey and tells more about how he made the job relocation easier for himself and his family.

Ask Your New Employer About Relocation Assistance

After accepting a higher paying, less demanding job from an insurance company, Jerry – who often had to work very late – was forced to find a way to make the move possible in the least amount of time he could spend.

“Exploring options like making use of a company to help me with the move seemed really attractive,” he noted, “one thing that really helped was when I asked my new employer about relocation assistance, they helped me by paying some of the expenses I had for temporary housing that I had to pay for because I moved before the rest of my family so that I could start work in Nashville on the date my employer expected me to. They also helped with traveling expenses for myself and my family. All of that really helped because our living expenses in New York were quite high, we lived in a reasonably up-class neighborhood so just the rent a huge expense then. We were excited about moving to Nashville because we believed it would be a great place to raise the children.”

A take away from this is that if you don’t know whether or not your new employer will offer relocation assistance, it might be worthwhile to find out.

You might still be able to negotiate for some relocation assistance with your employer if you have a proper budget drawn up listing all your expenses. Even if your new employer isn’t willing to pay for everything, they might be able to take at least a little of the financial burden of a job relocation.

Organize Your Belongings Properly

“Our kids have way too many toys!”, laughed Jerry “If we didn’t put a great deal of effort into being well organized, we might very well have ended up opening a bunch of boxes filled with toys first after settling in at our new home.”

To make moving a bit easier, you’ll have to develop a proper system to sort all the things you pack. One way of doing this could be by numbering boxes and keeping a list for the contents of each box, or by color coding boxes according to the type things in them.

Relocating is already stressful enough as it is, having to search for basic things such as towels once you reach your new home should be avoided at all costs.

Another thing you could do is to get rid of any unnecessary things you know you won’t be using any more. There’s simply no use in packing and moving junk with you. “We got rid of a lot of things while we were packing,” Jerry mentioned while talking about the packing process, “our children had grown out of some of their cloths so we didn’t even bother to take it with us.”

Ship Your Car Instead Of Driving

“My car is pretty new and it’s precious to me, so I didn’t want to add to many miles on my car’s odometer.”, Jerry noted while discussing his job relocation “I also preferred flying to Nashville over driving because it seemed like a safer option for my wife and kids who were only able to join me later.”

If you find yourself in a similar situation where you have to make a big move, then shipping your car with a dependable auto transport company might be a better option for you as well. To find a good company to help you with auto transport, search the internet and ask for quotes from companies that seem trustworthy.

Note that the cheapest option probably won’t be the best and ask any potential candidate whether or not they provide insurance. While your car won’t be harmed in the absolute majority of cases, it’s always better to make use of a service that will accept the expense for damages should there be any.

By doing thorough research and by making use of the options available to them, Jerry and his family were able to make relocating as stress free as possible. “Our children are adapting well in their new schools and I was able to settle in at my new job within the first two weeks. My wife has also taken a new job in Nashville at a local interior design firm so things are going pretty smoothly” Jerry added about the job relocation.

To make your own job relocation as painless as Jerry’s, you’ll have to have a solid plan in place. Whenever possible, you should start planning the move more than a month in advance. But even if you had significantly less time to plan, a good system for organizing everything will still help a lot.

How To Find Dependable Auto Transport

Semi trailer truck hauling load of cars down road

How To Find Dependable Auto Transport

Moving a vehicle is no easy task. Whether moving house, purchasing a vehicle a long distance from home, or simply trying to get a broken-down car to a mechanic, finding a company to help you get there can be complicated. Fortunately, many businesses exist that specialise in auto transport, but the trick is to find auto transport that will be dependable. Many companies won’t treat your car the way you would want, and some are even scams or not fully compliant with the law. Dependable auto transport is vital and neglecting to find a good company might result in serious damage to your car.

Finding Auto Transport Companies Online

Damages To Vehicle

Doing an internet search for dependable auto transport is a good place to start. In this modern age of technology more and more well-established companies are building a presence online. Take a look at a few websites of auto transport companies, and once you find one you like, use their online form to request a quote. Be sure to enter your information as accurately as possible, as different costs might apply for different vehicles depending on their weight and size. Also keep in mind that the price might be higher if your vehicle isn’t running. While using multi-quote websites might seem like a good way to find an auto transport company, you’ll likely end up receiving annoying calls and e-mails for months afterwards.

This is your first chance to judge whether the business you’re considering is a dependable auto transport company, be vigilant and take notice of the service you receive to judge whether or not you’re dealing with professionals.

How long do they take to provide a quote? A company that takes too long may not provide timely service. Is the price too good to be true? An extremely low quote might mean the company is cutting costs and putting your car at risk. For example, a company might not maintain their vehicles properly or save money by not having full insurance for their drivers.

Another way to tell a good auto transport company from a bad one, is to find out whether or not they’re willing to talk you through the details of the quote. A dependable auto transport company will know what the job entails, and be willing to discuss it with you, so as to put to rest any fears or questions you may have.

Always ask about insurance. While the protection of your car should be an important priority to any company worth hiring, accidents can happen. A good auto transport company knows this and will do their best to cover expenses in the unlikely case of damage to your car.

What Is The Reputation Of The Company

Once you have received a quote, you can start searching for reviews on the company. Use the name of the company, along with the keyword “complaints” to see what negative feedback other people have given after using the service provided by the company you’re considering.

Note that the existence of negative reviews doesn’t guarantee that the company is a bad choice. Rather, take note of what the complaints are about. Some might be small, or even cases of misunderstandings escalating. Be careful when making use of review websites – the information listed there can be skewed to the negative because of how these websites work.

Remember, even the best company is likely to have some negative feedback somewhere online, as this is an indication that the reviews are real, not just put online by the company staff themselves.

Information online must be considered with great discernment: too little negative feedback could indicate dishonest practice on behalf of a company, but too much negative feedback probably means the service isn’t good.

Take careful note if the complaints are in relation to the dependability of the company. Dependable auto transport companies will take utmost care not to damage your vehicle, to have it where and when you need it, and to reimburse you should anything happen while the vehicle is under their control.

Accepting The Contract

Once you have decided on a company to use, contact them to inform them that you accept their quote. They will likely wish to send you paperwork to sign, make sure that you read the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing. Take note of requirements they may have, such as a maximum amount of fuel in the vehicle, or removal of personal items from the car.

Preparing Your Vehicle For Transport

A dependable auto transport company will require a damage check before loading your vehicle. It is therefore a good idea to wash your car prior to checking it, as this will help in identifying any pre-existing damage, saving you and the company time and hassle. All damage will be listed on a damage report by an employee of the company, which they will then give you to sign. First check the report for yourself, then sign it. Dependable auto transport companies will appreciate the time you take to make the work simpler.

After this, they will hand you a copy of the report to keep until delivery. Once the car is delivered, check it again for any damage not listed on the report. If there is none, then the company was indeed a good choice. If there is damage, immediately report it. A dependable auto transport company will work with you to reimburse you for the damage done.

Your car is a valuable asset, never allow a company you don’t trust to handle it. Even if a company you chose required a non-refundable deposit, don’t follow through with transportation of the vehicle is you suspect dishonest practice.

Online Auto Transport Reviews

Man Reading the Definition of Feedback

The internet is an amazing thing – it has revolutionized how we do business, how we interact with one another, how we socialize and how we get our news. It’s completely changed how we shop and how we see the marketplace; whereas before, shopping was almost a social exercise, today it’s about getting the most bang for your buck. And with the internet you’re able to research and find the company that is the best fit for you and for your budget.

Online reviews today are a huge part of any company; and these can be a great way to see what actual customers have thought of their experience with an auto transporter as well as seeing how good the customer service for an auto transporter is. Customers can see how other customers fared using the services, and if they have a bad reputation as a car shipper they are going to have a harder time finding paying customers.

It’s become more about customer retention in the auto transport industry, which is great news for customers like you, because it means finding a dependable auto transporter is easier than ever. Everyone’s trying to one-up each other to be the best in the business, and this is why as a customer you really should read as many auto transport reviews of prospective shippers as you can. One of the best websites for this is www.transportreviews.com, the leading auto transport review website on the internet. Any shipper who considers themselves worth their weight in salt will be a member of Transport Reviews, and it is often one of the first things a new company does when setting themselves up to ship vehicles.

Since all auto shipping companies should be on the website, if you find a shipper that isn’t, you should do your homework to figure out why. Maybe they’re brand new and haven’t had a chance yet, but if they’ve been around a while and aren’t on Transport Reviews you should probably find another company. Transport Reviews is unique in that they have a system for kicking out fake reviews – only real customers can post reviews on their website and they also allow shippers to respond to disputes, so you can read both sides of a bad review and determine for yourself who was wrong and who was right and whether or not the review is indicative of that company’s overall services.

Reputation is important, and with reading online reviews you will be able to judge very quickly which auto transporters are worth working with and which ones are not. Please take some time to read our reviews and give us a call if you have any concerns as we want you to feel safe and secure with shipping your car here at Suncoast Auto Transport.

Auto Transport New York & New York City


As you most likely know, New York City is the largest city, by population, in New York State. It is also the largest city in the entire United States by population, which sits at over 8.49 million in the city proper. It is considered a global power city and is widely regarded as the cultural and financial capital of the entire world. Over 800 languages are spoken in the city, which also makes it the most linguistically diverse city in the world – not surprising, considering it is the largest terminal of legal immigration in the United States. It has been the largest city in the country since 1790, and served as the U.S. Capital from 1785 until 1790. It is considered one of the most economically powerful cities in the entire world. New York City anchors a metropolitan area that is home to over 20 million residents – that’s more than the entire state of New York – and a wider Combined Statistical Area of over 23.6 million. As such, New York City is perhaps the most popular auto transport location in the entire United States and sees more auto transportation traffic through the city than any other. Because of the size of the city and the sprawl of its metropolitan area, most carriers will have an easy time getting to or from just about anywhere that’s even close to it, including areas in New York State, New Jersey or Connecticut. This generally has a good effect on your shipping price, as it tends to keep your costs lower, and also reduces pickup and delivery windows as carriers can easily include New York City in their routes.

There are a number of ways that carriers can get into or out of New York City. As a major nexus along the Interstate Highway System, New York City enjoys access via numerous interstates, in particular Interstate 95. I-95 is the main north-south corridor on the east coast and connects cities as far north as Maine with cities as far south as Miami, Florida – and all those cities in-between. It also connects to almost every major east-west interstate in the country and numerous auxiliary interstates along the way, giving auto transport carriers unprecedented access to areas across the eastern seaboard and beyond. With New York City’s dense layout, many areas of the city proper will be hard for carriers to get into or out of, so don’t be surprised if you have to meet your carrier somewhere nearby.

Most of the time, the climate in New York City won’t affect your shipment, at least during any month that doesn’t fall in the winter. Snowfall is a common occurrence in the winter, but 348661_4641in the denser areas of New York it tends to melt before it accumulates too much. The further north you go, the worse it can get, but on the whole the weather won’t affect your shipping prices or your services all that much. Make sure to talk to your auto transport representative to learn more about it. Sometimes the city can get hit by heavy rains and even hurricanes, as evidenced by Sandy’s landfall a few years back, but that’s pretty rare, and on the whole won’t affect your prices or services in any negative ways.

If you’re interested in shipping a vehicle to or from New York City, make sure you take a minute to fill out our free online auto transport quote request form. We would love to talk with you and help you get your car transported to New York or out of the city! If you need help with your auto transport in New York please give us a call today at 800-568-5970.

Auto Transport from Hartford Connecticut to Florida

International shipment, trucks and cars driving on the road.Logistics and warehousing

With snowbird season now in full swing, it’s time to start focusing on the snowbird-friendly routes. A big route right now is from Hartford, Connecticut down to Florida. There are a lot of nice spots for easy auto transport going from Hartford to Florida. One of the great things about looking at going south from Hartford is both Hartford and some of the bigger cities in Florida sit along I-95.

Okay, Hartford doesn’t sit directly along I-95, but it’s the only major metro area pretty much in the state of Connecticut so carriers that run routes to or from Connecticut are going to go to Hartford. Besides, there are many snowbirds that ship from Hartford and it’s a straight shot down I-91 pretty much. You could stand to save a bit of money if you make or live close to New Haven and wanted to meet the auto transporter there; if a carrier doesn’t have to get off I-95 to pick your car up, chances are he’ll be more open to a lower price. Once your vehicle gets on I-95 when it’s on the truck – whether the truck picked it up in Hartford or you drove it somewhere near I-95 – it’s going to be a straight run down the east coast into Florida. From there, you can drive it pretty much anywhere you would want to in the entire state, which is really awesome. One of the major cities along the way is Jacksonville Florida. Jacksonville is a major transportation hub in northeastern Florida, and while not a lot of people vacation there, plenty of carriers run routes in or out of Jacksonville for no other reason than its location. If you can pick your car up there, it could also help you to save some money on your auto transport need.

If you are interested in transporting your vehicle from Hartford to Jacksonville or anywhere else in Florida, fill out our free online quote form. We will get back to you as fast as we can with a great quote for your auto transport needs or you can give us a call and speak to one of our live agents who can answer your questions and help you on your auto transportation journey. Please remember that the routes we highlighted in this blog post are simply the most convenient routes according to Google Maps, and while this is a popular route choosing method that carriers use frequently, you should still talk to your carrier regarding the specific route he will be traveling when transporting your vehicle.